Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ahh! persetankan nya.

screw everything. why should i waste my life being depressed while at the same time i'm actually free to do everything i want, be anything i like. so yes, i should live my life to the fullest (despite that currently living my life to the fullest meaning i have to work my ass off doing dreadful labworks during weekdays and no rest even during weekends). so much of living my life, huh?

anyway, if thts what making me feel better than i wont complaint.

academically, i should talk about our project. so far, we nearly complete phase 1 of extraction. only 15 more samples to go and that should take approximately 2 weeks to finish. oh yes, today i didnt come to lab since i'm having stomach ache till i cant even stand properly. felt like the muscles in my stomach are shrinking. ok tht doesnt mean tht my body is shrinking too. i wouldnt mind having this stomach ache everyday if the muscle is shrinking means tht my body will shrink too. too bad they didnt come as a package.

4 samples have been successfully freeze-dried. Dr Z already supplied us with SDS-page equipments and tht reminds me tht we need to practice on making gels and testing the inhibitors' activity. we also received a mini fridge to store the buffer and solutions and whatnot but Dr wouldnt mind us keeping yogurt or soft drink inside as for now since the mini fridge is still all new and cute and clean. fifi even tempted to put his head inside and i wouldnt mind chopping ur head off if u really wish to put ur head in there fifo. heh. kidding!

ouh, speaking abt fifo. tht reminds me tht fifo said tht our blog entry will be plain boring if we didnt include some pictures. but i dont have suitable pic to include here. but fret not, its not like i'm doing some literature review so i can simply put any pictures tht i like rite? who cares anyway?

ouh daym. i've got a lot of stories to tell. see if i have the time. been busy lately like i'm the prime minister pulak.

yesterday and the day before, i accompanied fifi to putrajaya. wanted to settle some stuff with jpa and alhamdulillah, we never thought it would be tht easy and everything went well. not what we've expected but still, i'm grateful.
the 1st day to putrajaya, we went back home afterward but yesterday was a bit different. after lab, we went straight to IPIS and dont ask me where tht place is coz all i know is tht college located somewhere near denso and tell you what, it was one of the exciting journey coz we were lost on our way. and Ada couldnt shut her mouth and kept saying sorry all the way. macam la salah dia. aku pon xtahu jalan. but fifo the driver was so cool and finally, we reach there safely and me n fifo menjadi saksi kisah chenta pertama while eating cendawan goreng and ayam bijan.

ouh i forgot to tell, i tapau-ed cendawan goreng and ayam bijan to putrajaya yesterday coz i was full after a cup of nescafe ice and 3 pieces of karipap handmade by nora. and tht was all i have the whole day and probably thts y my stomach was making a fuss today.

so anyway, after kisah cinta pertama. we went to putrajaya to submit the form etc etc and rush back to kl. to bukit bintang or to low yat plaza to be exact. Ada needs to buy a wireless adaptor and they also planned to buy new handphones. they means all three of them, ada fifo n nora. all the okb in geng sedut@lilit. me? gigit jari shj.

oh lupe lagi. nora not following us to putrajaya coz she's with kisah cinta kedua yang br pulang dr egypt. they need to settle some stuff with mara so we met them in front of sogo coz there was a prob with kisah cinta kedua's car. then we went straight to low yat.

after surveying few shops, we move to sg wang meeting huny and vino. labmates juga. since i'm not buying handphones, i left them four and joined huny and vino surveying shoes and clothes but sedihnya coz didnt have much time and have to rush back home. pls esok pergi lagi if not, i cant sleep at nite. or even if i manage to sleep, i'll be dreaming of shoes. i want wedges. pronto.

hm. actually there's a lot more to tell but i need a dose of love drama to boost my mood. have a great day everyone and to my beloved geng sedut, sorry for not coming today. i'll miss u guys as much as i'm missing seman. bluewek. nora will poison me with her karipap next time if i kept talking abt seman. so till then love.


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