Saturday, July 25, 2009

tade tajuk. sila pikir sendiri.

i feel like writing something worth reading. but nothing comes to mind. so can i just write rubbish here?
feel free to close ur browser if you do not wish to stay

last week was one hell of a lazy week for all four of us. meaning, us the geng sedut. probably coz we are still in jalan2 mood and tht will explain all the penangguhan kerja throughout last week. needless to say, we manage to extract all the 115 samples and insyaAllah, by next week, 70+ sample will be freeze dried.

[edited ;p]

and then, Dr also told us to pratice making the copolimerized gel but it appears tht Dr also berjangkit rasa tak semangat from us coz we very malas to list down all the required buffer and solution etc. heh. hopefully monday we'll be rajen. no, we HAVE to be rajen. i wanna finish fast n start making loads of money.

yeah one good news for a tekak buaya like me. the cafe in kps has change people. eh, tender. or whatever u called it. so i think the menus have changed as well and more yummeyh! now i can feast on yee mee soup like almost everyday n i must say i NEED to eat yee mee soup otherwise will terkenang and kenot sleep at nite. heh, hyperbola only. so yeah, no more ayam bijan and cendawan goreng. long live yee mee soup!

oh did i tell u the price was damn cheap? a bowl of yee mee soup will cost rm3 only. next time will take pic of it and u'll witness urself the yumminess. or better, try it urself. siri iklan tak berbayar satu. the owner should belanja me makan lunch for 1 whole week for writing this here.

then lst thursday i was fasting but the thought of yee mee nearly tempted me into breaking my fast as early as 12.30 pm. some more, few people been hasuting me to bukak puasa with big apple and free lunch. luckily my iman senipis kulit bawang ini can resist the temptation tho u could tell from my ketat face n moody perangai tht i nearly give in to free lunch with them. heh.

promised them to puasa nxt monday. should we continue with the plan guys? we have tonnes of work to be done on monday. should we postpone puasa till tuesday? (sebenarnya nk makan kt kps on monday. saja buat alasan only)

ok then yesterday, there is a small pc fair held at DTC. (will be until tomorrow). so we dont wnt to miss the crowd. so while the guys perform the jumaat prayer, me and nora spend our time tengok2 the barang. nothing really caught my eyes. (penipu, one sleek-looking notebook struck my attention like lighting during hari hujan. ceh tak perlu nak bersastera la kn. seyes xde bakat).
p/s: seyes=serious yeh nora. so yeah, why la perlu dikau hadir jika hanya untuk membuat ku tak keruan. oh, i hate it when i'm broke. then end up buying one new number. and we both agree tht tht's the only thing worth buying. nampak sgt x mampu membeli laptop lalu menyedapkan hati dengan membeli satu simpack baru.

oh its the hotlink youth club simpack where u got to call as low as 12sen/min and 1sen/sms to all maxis and hotlink number regardless of activ10 or not. best kn? but wait, hear this. and u only need to topup rm10/yr for validity period of 4 yrs. hah! what abt tht. best kn. so now i dont have to topup byk2 just to keep my airtime but if dh xde kedit still kenot make call or send sms la. sile jgn banyak songeh pulak. eh bile bace2, mcm xde la istimewa sgt pon youth club ni. but for me, bgus la coz nowadays i dont use much kedit. sometimes, rm 10 can last me for 2 weeks. thts where this simpack comes in handy. for me la. for org len mana la aku tahu kn.

at first wanna ask ada to buy skali but when we called her, no one picks up. and fifo plak said tht he'll need to buy new phone if he buys the simpack. macam pelik ke x? skrg pon dh ada 2 phone now must add another one. ok better tak payah beli. oh sometimes i wonder how people keep 2 phones ek? whats the relevance? bukankah mempunyai dua nombor@dua telepon bermaksud perlu menopup (bukan menopous) sebanyak 2 kali. dan ini bermakna perlu berbelanja 2x ganda? oh probably byk duit kot. tak pun senang tak terkantoi if pasang 2 3 atau lebey. opss. eh, ape yang aku kesahkn. sukati mereka la. ok abaikan.

oh notice or not tht i appear to be very berjimat nowadays? makan nk murah2 je. topup xmau banyak2 sebulan. beli pon have to think more than twice. kesedihan kan? told ya i'm broke to the core.

btw, yesterday i told emak tht i wnt new laptop. she asked how much will i need and i told la tht nowadays can get one decent laptop at rm1500 only. surprisingly she said ok la. if i wnt she'll buy one. (since i always complaint tht my current laptop selalu mati2 coz the kipas not functioning well and sometimes have to borrow oboy's). instead of feeling happy, i felt guilty only. why la she agrees to buy after i told her tht. ok i may need laptop to do material searching, literature review, report write up, thesis and whatnot. but so far i think my current laptop can still handle these. it just tht now kenot read cd hence i kenot watch anime and taiwanese drama borrowed from nora and also kenot play farmtown coz laptop will mati after 3 min when i'm on tht game. serious feel like dying only when tht happen. other than tht, i think my laptop can tahan a few more years even tho i didnt jaga it very well and now the keyboard very berkerak one, my laptop still in good condition i must say. besides, i got many memories with this laptop. hasil titik peluh belajar hingga ke menara gading ni. i sayang u to pieces la laptop!!

but pls someone advice me, if emak really willing to buy me a new one, should i accept or not? PC fair is coming real soon and i should be getting a good bargain at tht time. but the thought of having to part from my current laptop is really...indiscribable. rase part of me is missing. cheh. drama lebey but its true. i love this laptop so much. u know la kn, i'm such a faithful person and i simply kenot cleave my devotion to various parts. very the sentimentalistic. (got such word ke ah?) so if i syg satu, satu tu je la i syg. eh eh, macam pelik pulak bunyi. but i think, i'm staying with this one la kot. byk jasa. plus, once i told myself tht if i wanna buy a new one, i shall wait till i'm working. so this laptop syg will stay with me throughout my study life. arghh..dunno la. lgpon, i think my real niat to have a new laptop simply because i wanna play games and tgk cd. macam keji je bunyi kan. so dunno la. and lagi pun, i've been aiming to buy something else. and new laptop really not in my list now. sigh. temptation....and influence from some one yang begitu mengasyikkan. sorry babe, suroh la kisah cinta kedua beli. my turn will come next kut (penyabar gile bunyi).

oh. puasa month coming soon jugak kn. we already planned to bukak puasa together2 nnt. (wah, bab mkn sume laju je). cant wait but mesti penat macam sampah like mula2 start benchwork dulu.

eh cop. have u ever encounter a situation thts normally happen in a drama in real life? well, sadly it didnt happen to me. but to one of my close fren. it really fascinates me. sgt comelness =). i wish u would say yes but of course ur conscience if far better than me yang jahat ini. heh. apa2 pon, i'm extremely against kecurangan and underage byatch like u too. no worries ok! ;p

okla. enough merapu. apa2 yang tidak difahami sila jangan bertanya coz i purposely made it untuk tidak difahami. till then. have a great weekend!


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