Sunday, July 26, 2009

kisah suatu wiken

wah. how come its sunday already?
i havent had a real rest (read: sleep) yet. sigh. tomorrow must repeat the same activities and will be very tired only. pls dun bersungut till senggugut coz this is life. what do u expect? just deal with it ok? lempang nk? (apsl aku bermonolog tp seperti emo yang tidak berkesudahan?)

actually, i had a prob just now. regarding my new number. i cant wait to use it tho already promise nora to start using it tomorrow. i thot i wanna transfer my kdt to new number but was prohibited in doing so since the balance in the phone should be atleast rm4 after transferring the kdt. and the min amount to transfer is rm5. must also consider the transfer charge of 50sen. ok fine. i cant transfer the kdt.

so wht did i do? i msg all my frens hoping tht i'll still have abt rm5 or atleast rm3 till tomorrow. some more, byk mana la sgt member2 aku kn. but alangkah terkejut badaknya aku coz after i'm done sms-ing my friends, i was left with rm2. bwahaha. mmbe2 yg secipot ini sudah menelan kdt ku sbnyk ~rm7. y cant i jst leave a msg thru ym or our yahoo group? pendek btul akal aku skrg ni. tsk3.

so anyway, abaikan. and as for tomorrow, nora jst reminds me tht we have to read journal and daym, i havent look for it yet. seriously i think i'm suffering from short term memory loss. i remember abt it lst 2 days but totally forgot abt it within 48hrs. i reckon ants should be blamed for all this forgetfulness i'm having right now.

hm, wht else should i rant abt eh?

oh yes! i read the newspaper today. (a round of applause pls).
(pls dont ask abt the hot news occuring nowadays coz i didnt pay much attention to it except for intisari rancangan and hot pick for this month-buku2 cerita)
and daym i think i must do some amendment to my current book-wishlist.

here are some of the books i'm aiming to own right now.
  1. my sister's keeper - jodi picoult
  2. twenties girl - sophie kinsella
  3. the story of edgar sawtelle - david wroblewski
  4. the host - stephanie meyer
but tht book, the host, i've already downloaded it from 4shared but up till now, still couldnt find time to read. if i got a copy, i'll be more bersemangat to finish it. heh.

okla, mybe if i'm rajen, i'll look for the books online since now kenot watch cd, probably can spend the time reading. (hoh, bce bahan berilmiah femalash lipash kau ye)

k la, tired la. plus very sleepy. the typical syndrome gendang gendut tali kecapi.
till then.


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