Monday, July 27, 2009

kisah basi hari jemaat aritu

actually this is one very memalukn story. happened to me last friday.

ok its like this la. u guys know la kn tht my laptop has been giving me headache since i dont know when la but it becomes more severe nowadays tht i cant play farmtown with peace (i actually typed peace as peach. duh. my spelling getting worse la). will definitely turn off by itself after approximately 5min when i'm on tht game. so to avoid frustration having to give up harvesting jobs especially when i was assigned to harvest a whole lot of pumpkins or blueberries or onions or pineapple (wtf i type all crops here as if anyone cares abt them). so i borrowed oboy's. been borrowing his for almost a month already. and will only return back whenever he's at home and wnts to use it lah.

so lst friday, as usual i borrowed his laptop again right after i came home from lab. then after finish playing at around magrib time i wanted to return the laptop back to his room la. and at tht time he's already home from work. being one very bersopan santun girl tht i am, i knocked the door twice. business-like. but from outside i could hear oboy's voice. probably talking to the phone. so after knocking, i went straight inside la.

then..... jeng jeng jenggggg

yes oboy was talking to the phone but someone else was in tht room too. daym. i was looking like a very serabai maid with my hair all over my face and there he was...sitting there and i swear i saw he's smiling at me as if i was one of the psychopath escaped from tanjung rambutan. oh, btw, he's one of my childhood friends. we used to go mengaji at the same place before and now he's getting taller and a lil..(dengki xmo ckp byk) bit good-looking la. probably his height tht's making him looks attractive (dengki lagi skali).

ok, as if my serabai dressing is not humiliating enough, just hear this. as i enter the room, i automatically said 'ehh..oppss'..(luckily i wasnt shouting like a real psychopath with mad cow disease) and tht sounds a lil bit cute (masuk bakul angkat pakai kren). so to cover malu tak kan nk keluar pulak so masuk je terus dalam, act professionally dan quickly put the laptop on oboy's desk and quickly leave the room. but the worst part seluar is terkoyakkkk.

vodo betulllllllllllll.......

i was wearing this 3/4 tight and t-shirt cantik which i made into t-shirt tdo coz its very comfy and the tight has long been terkoyak but survive from being thrown away by emak coz i've warn her tht i so syg tht tight. actually, i have 3 of them, 2 black and another pair is grey. all 3 pon terkoyak and eventho emak has threatened to buang them, i never had any initiatives to sew them. saying tht..alaaa, bukan ade org len nampak pon suar aku terkoyak.

so last friday, i received the balasan anak yang degil.

thus, realizing (luckily i remembered tht my seluar is tkoyak while entering the room) tht my seluar is terkoyak. i made a very small langkah but quickly and oboy must be thinking why his adik so gedik jalan langkah terkepit like tahan kencing. damn humiliating!!

vodo number two..

then when i leave the room i said to myself. never mind, its not like i'm gonna see tht guy again. just being positive la kan. buttttt...he came u know! on saturday ke smlm i didnt remember and at tht time i just came back from groceries shopping with emak. and he was berborak2 with oboy outside the house. damn la. of course i have to lalu in front of him to get into the house. luckily this time around i'm sure tht my seluar dh tak terkoyak anymore.

so after all this tragedy, did i insaf? noooo..tiada nye aku nk jahit or nk buang seluar2 kesygan ni kn. dasar lazy bum btul. so today, i'm wearing another black tight yg terkoyak jugak. bwahahaha.

so whats the morale of the story?
1) wears ur terkoyak pants and be ready to get humiliated if ur so lazy to sew them.
2) comb and tie ur hair nicely eventho u r at home. u never know someone else might be at ur home other than ur family member yg dh get use to ur serabai style.
3) act like a pro. malu pun but still kena act mcm tak tahu malu. eh..what i mean is, pandai2 lah cover if dh kemaluan tu

so itu je. u guys take care n remember not to memalukan diri sendiri ok.
till then


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ada_hairuni said...

bahaha.. morale number 4.. silalah ayu & x serabai bukan sahaja ketika berada di umah sendirik, malah di bilik sendirik juge..