Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kisah berjimba menjadi sadis

yesterday was one hell of a day for me and some of my buddies. went to the lab happily in the morning and end up doing nothing except for a discussion with Dr in the afternoon. went out early for lunch as usual and had 1cup of free indocafe beforehand.

then later after finished discussion, once again i feasted myself with indocafe secara tamak but dengan cover2 malu. went there (kps) with ada n fifo since nora was fasting. ada had 2cup while fifo had three. myself? i had four..tamak gile konon thristy like hell la kn.

oh sebelum itu, after lunch ada and fifo already felt sick and both of them thought tht maybe it was caused by the yee mee that we all had. but i was ok and it didnt surprise me if tht was true since i've known as perut tahan lasak all this while. so both of them threw up and has to eat asam mangga while watching some performance tarian by 4 groups of i dont know la maybe some representatives of 4 states for pesta tarian malaysia.

then after drinking secara tamak before going back, all of us started feeling uneasy again. while deciding where to berjimba, fifo made a trip to API to collect his laptop and once again ada threw up. i dont know abt fifo but i started feeling nauseas already. but i tahan je and i kept quite all the way to the curve. ouh, lupa to mention tht nora and kisah centa pertama went to lowyat and later we meet up at ikano and we fetch istajib at 12th cllge then only headed to the curve.

this was my 2nd time meeting istajib and now only had a good chance to talk to him properly and i think our meeting was spoiled by a series of kisah duka. hiks. sori la u had to tahan ur ears and eyes and witness all of us go beserk and sick along the road.

then when we reached ikano, all of us felt ok a bit and i did threw up a lil and thts really help a lot. so while waiting for waktu berbuka, we all jalan2 at ikano and mengumpating all the way. then headed back to ikea coz ada wanted to buy wall clock. actually, we are going there coz we wanted to had the meatballs but nora tak nak saying tht nanti tak kenyang. ya la, must follow her tekak since she's the one who fast and kesian la if she betul2 tak kenyang nnt. so we were thinking of going to domino but dunno where the nearest one and lastly had to settle for kfc. cheh, g jejauh mkn kepsi last2. x best..x best..

ouh, petang tu actually i wanted to go to william. ada had already called her along to ask for direction but then her along tak kasi went there coz he said tht that place is dirty and u can see cik ti running everywhere. so baity, there goes our harapan to eat there. megat surely wont eat at such a place.

then okla, go makan kfc kt tesco. jalan kaki a bit from ikano and i ordered kfc twister. after two bites, i cant go on anymore. mengumpat and mengutuk and mengeji like there's no tomorrow and drink banyak gile air gas perisa strawberry and i totally forgot tht my stomach not feeling ok. then later dh puas mengumpat we all decided to go back.

fifi very baik hati decided to send me home and masuk je kereta, i started feeling nauseas again. sampai lupa jalan mana nak amek blk sungai buluh. sampai tersesat till kepong and had to make a u-turn in front of complex fajar. sori fifo :(.

then i couldnt tahan anymore, nasib baik ada beli plastic ikea tho at first i ckp xyah la beli. save the environment and money and pegang je brg tu. i threw up in the car :(. memule while we were still in kfc, i felt the pressure rising inside my stomach and i told them not to make jokes coz i might end up terkentut kt situ. lagi la mereka galak membuat kelakar and nasib baik tak terkentut. i bet nanti bukan kentut yang keluar, but muntah. euww...

so along the way home, i threw up in the plastic bag and felt very sakit macam dunno la how to describe. badan feel menggeletar and lemah like sawi busuk. and when we nearly reach home in front of petronas, ada also kenot tahan hearing me muntah like org mabuk todi so she pun had to throw up. fifo had to make an emergency stop betul2 depan petronas tu and all 3 of us muntah mcm org br lepas minum2 mse clubbing. luckily istajib survived. then lps dh berhenti almost 10min kot. we were on the road again.

smpai je umah, ada and fifo berselang seli masuk toilet to muntah. i already terlepek kt kerusi like sawi busuk. i think i had enough of my share to threw up tho i still feel tht something is tersekat kt my chest. so we all rest a bit la before all three of them went back to um. lepak lame jugak till emak balik from mengaji, buatkn air teh o and mkn beger and roti canai even tho takde sape yang lalu nak makan pon actually and ada had a chance to played with payed. wah itu kucen, jmpe pompuan je mule la nak tunjuk manje tahap dewata raya. menggedik. tah perangai sape la yang itu kucing ikut. tsk.

then at around 11.20 they all went back and i took a bath and went straight to bed. then at 2.40 am, i woke up again coz my stomach upset and couldnt sleep. i had to go to the toilet twice to muntah but still rasa xsedap. kenot sleep till 4 am. and when the alarm finally berbunyi at 6.40 am, i cant woke up for lab. sgt tak larat.

now i still menggigil2 like drug addict and my breathing is heavy. could it be tht we were poisoned by tht indocafe? or could it be tht yee mee+indocafe+air gas = bad combination? i dont know. but for me, no more indocafe and yee mee after this. u make me feel like sawi busuk! i hate yeww!!

okla, wanna rest a bit. kepala pusing2. till then peeps.


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