Sunday, August 2, 2009

kisah tentang menggantikan dan digantikan

howdy peeps?

finally, pc fair coming to an end. today is the last day kn? and i heard tht they run out of plastic cover tang keybod tu. huh, sape la yg borong till i didnt have a chance to own one?

anyway, went out to join the crowd last friday. very bersemangat till memonteng lab. at first, planned to go there with the rest of geng sedut just to survey the price but since emak had given the money, might as well beli terus. since aku adalah penakut membawa duit merata2. i brought along my bouncer to pc fair.

promised them to meet up at Dome around 11 but then i'm the one who arrived 1st so masuk je terus dlm and melihat2 bersama oboy. truth was, when emak gave me the money, i felt reluctant to buy a new laptop. suddenly i was feeling so sedey and nearly cried in front of emak. but i managed to fight back the tears and emak marah saying tht, if nk beli, beli je. thts what money are for. so u tell me am i not to love her? ayah kt tepi dh sengih2 hampir tergelak melihat drama pagi. so sebelum emak amek blk duit, i rushed out the door terus nek kete oboy and off we go. heh. nampak sgt la aku ni malu2 payed. gatai ek?

so dh ronda2 almost all floor we all naik blk to i dunno level brape but i still couldnt make up my mind. all i know is i wnt a small laptop and i really wouldnt mind the specs. but since nora has already enlightened me with how-to-choose-laptop-with-good-specs, so i thot it
shouldnt be a problem la. but it was worse. maklumla, pergi dgn oboy, die mestila nk cepat je. i asked for opinion but he said depends la, if suke amek je. i wanna know whether it's good or not. klo suke, sume pon suke. viao rm7k pon suke kott..

since we arrived at different time, i only had a chance to me√ęt nora ada fifo ista and zz ek? just for a while. itu pon bertembung depan lift. sorry guys, i was in a hurry and muke adalah seperti tahi coz i really dont know which one to buy :(. itu pon boleh mendatangkan monyok. pelik kn aku? so with muke semasam cuka i dragged my feet from one booth to another and nearly yelled at few people yg konon2 membantu pembeli2 dekat booth2 laptop itu coz they are soooo fcuking annoying. kau tak nampak ke aku tengah serabut tak tahu nk beli yang mana. bole pulak ko kacau2 sesi aku tgh berfikir kn.

so oboy said lets have a drink first and think outside. kire jauh dr org2 yang berkerumun. so ok la, after a bottle of mineral water priced at rm2.30 (gile cekik darah! beli kt ko-op um br 70sen sebotol), i came to a conclusion but still muka adalah seperti tahi. coz i really dont know whether i'm making the right choice or not. but itu baru decide brand ape. belum decide yg mana nk beli. mana la tak mengundang keserabutan. later on must decide on what colour some more. haih, serious serabut i tell you.

then finally, i settled for this baby. :D

at first glimpse, i fall in love with this brown colour. it got this mahal-look which drools me. but later on when org booth tu tanya for the last time what colour i wnt, i choose white. at tht moment i was thinking tht, enough la with masculine look. brown=masculine, no? coz my old laptop pon colour black+silver which is very the macho. so now i wanna be girly pilih la white. (lucky didnt chose pink. very the geli2 i tell u). then bila dh nk turun bwh untuk balik, oboy tny, apsl tetibe tuka putih? waaaa...i felt like crying. i asked him before, what colour should i buy, he said up to me. then when i ask for white he didnt say anything. now i feel menyesal pilih putih :( .tsk. nevermind la. colour je kot :(.

then ok la, after jalan2 in lower level and bought tah ape2 benda lg tah. we went home.

then last nite, another sketsa kehidupan happened.

i already transferred the necessary folder from my old laptop. then i gave the old laptop to dora. as i mention before, tht old lappy is still in good condition, apart from the kipas is not functioning well and thus will mati tiba2. other than that, tht laptop is very bagus and i think can tahan another 2-3 yrs.

so while handling the laptop, i remind her. 'jaga tau laptop ni' (air mata dh bergenang). then when she left my room. i cried like there's no tomorrow. i felt like i'm losing a precious gem. and i felt like there's a hollow inside my heart. exaggerating, i know. but thts what really happen last nite.

so i went to see emak. at first i was ok then all of a sudden i burst into tears again, only to shock her. emak tny what happen. so i said la i felt so sedih coz i already gave dora my old laptop. emak said she knew la..i already mention tht i'll give the old one to dora. so whats my prob. i said la i cant see my laptop leaving me and i continue crying till batuk2 and nearly muntah2. how teruk is tht?

emak said la, if i really like tht laptop then why i wanna buy a new one. i didnt answer. gile ke mau jawap yang my real intention of getting a new laptop is to play farmtown? mati aku kena belasah sat g. last nite i regret buying this new laptop but of course i know its not good. if my new laptop knows abt this, definitely it will be sad. aku gile kn? u know what, i sometimes think tht my barang2 can some how have feelings. they'll be happy when i'm happy and treat them nicely and they'll feel sad if i curse or marah2 them. so dont worry new laptop. i'll love u just as much i love the old laptop of mine. tho, none can replace my old laptop. sayang ku tidak boleh dibelah bahagi. eceyy... now u understand rite why i said i'm such a sentimental girl.

you see, tht laptop been with me for nearly 5yrs. all these while, he's been my truest friend, my companion, be with me when i'm sad and lonely and even when i'm happy. how can i not love tht laptop? tho i was so kasar and penah jugak hentak pukul etc2, tht laptop xpernah merungut (gile ke? if die merungut, mati kejung aku sbb terkejut). we had many memories together. thts why i said its hard for me to leave it or for it to leave me. we had some kind of bonding. (ok, i know i'm a weirdo). damn, my eyes bergenang even while typing this. sigh.

so last nite, i cried like org mati laki till i fell asleep. kne tinggal pon xteruk macam ini i tell u. then when i woke up this morning, my mata all swollen and a bit hurt. so sume org pon nampak la and they all laugh at me. sedey i tell u. but of course, no one will understand. all this while, i always leave tht laptop on to teman me tido. and sometimes, the first thing i'd do when i woke up is to switch on my laptop and men2 tenet. almost 90% of my activity revolve around tht laptop. its like i've been clinging to it all this while. and now, we have to be separated. damn sedih!

okla, malas nk story pnjang. make me feel sad only :(
till later



Cik Kmar said...

syg sgt2 kn kat laptop yg dh lama bsama ngn kite. i know how does it feel. aku msih lg setia bsama laptopku ini... (setia seyh haha) i love my lappy hehe.

Anonymous said...

bengong!!! my vaio couldnt even last more than 2yrs...lagi taik


kama said...

@ kmar: i'm faithful ok. dan aku akan terus setia. ;p

@ mael: lor yeke. tahik jgak la. yg lame tu sgt robust. thts y tahan smpai 4.5yrs. bagus kn.
ke ko yg x reti jage ni?

Anonymous said...

tu la..nmpk cm aku yg reti jaga barang plak...plg lama aku bleh jaga 'brg' pun is 5yrs..arghhhhh syg giler