Sunday, August 16, 2009

antara cinta dan keinginan untuk memiliki..

..ur choice.

i'm still in doubt. how to differentiate between the two?
u tell me..'s pretty much the same. i was a lil bit out of mood yesterday. was quite the whole day and i starve myself. slept and played game all day. today i felt ok coz perut nmpk like kurus a bit. heh.

i should be drinking plenty of water. whats with the current issues with H1N1 sume n lots of people getting sick. so water is one of the preventive measure u can adopt. minum byk2 smpai mabuk k.

oh now, hari sedang hujan dengan lebatnya and i'm happily online. janganla kene sambar petir modem tu. mamp kne marah ngn oboy.

then what eh? project? hm..menyedihkn. lot to tell la. i''ve been so stressed out lately coz of project. how to finish on time if things continue this way. seriously i felt helpless.

eh, guruh semakin menjadi2. i better log off now.

take care and have a great day people.


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