Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i'm officially deprive of attention

just now after logged in to blogspot, i saw ada's new entry's title.
something abt merajinkn diri. we are all freaking out since nora finally finished her literature review but 3 of us still di takuk lame. well atleast ada n fifi are way ahead of me with dunno maybe 8-10 pages while aku msih lagi kaput with 1and 1/2 pg. die la like this.

normally i'll arrive at the lab around 9.10-9.30 am and tht can still be considered as early coz not many people has come what more started doing their work. but nowadays, things arent like wht they used to be. now even if i arrive at 8.50 am, other people are already concentrating on their project and hell, i'm freaking out. where did everyone get the spirit and why the hell aku sgt malas macam lipas?

well, even lipas pon rajen nowadays. mybe i'm malas like koala. but atleast koalas are cute.

just now i promised myself to do literature review once i got home since we all cabut early from lab. but knowing emak, after fetching me she'll definitely has somewhere to go. so kitorg g mkn cendol and rojak la. then beli barang la. g pasar malam la. and i finally home just in time for spongebob.

then terus continue tgk sinetron merapu and tertido pulak. so tell me how can i merajinkn diri? i'm surrounded with distractions. (alasan)

oh oh. i forgot one thing. last night it was raining super heavy. guruh petir kilat mcm berpesta. electricity byk kali trip and tgh2 guruh kuat gile i dunno la whether oboy or iwan or ayah on kn blk. very bhy. but i already praying hoping tht nothing bad's happening. yela, everywhere cerita pasal kemusnahan alam itu ini. knowing tht i still havent repent myself on the bad things tht i've done, aku teruslah berdoa semoga Allah ampunkn dosa and kalau nk matikan aku, biarlah aku mati dalam keadaan beriman kepada Allah dan Rasul. oh and not to forget, did u know tht one of the best time to berdoa is while it is raining heavily. so aku pon bdoa semoga bertemu jodoh dgn org yang baik2 dan bahagia dunia akhirat. hihi. sempat tu.

but since i was very takut, aku berdoa dalam keadaan berbaring dan berselubung dlm selimut. does my prayer count? macam tak ikut adab berdoa je kn?dah la mcm mamai. pstu bole plak sms2 org time tgh2 guruh tu and bertelipon. mcm tak sedar je tgh petir kilat sume.

kids, pls dont do this at home. okie?

okla. wanna take my bath and try doing my work.
rajin rajin rajin rajin (repeat till 44x)


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