Monday, October 12, 2009

kisah tentang kemalasan

hola!how's everyone doing today?
hope everyone's doing ok la ek

today went to lab as usual. we need to load the samples in the freeze dryer. dont ask why we are still freaking freeze drying the samples. makes my blood go upstairs only.

i'm counting the blessing hoping tht we can finish everything by december. everything means labworks. thesis i think i can manage somehow tho i'm still stucked with 1page of literature review since b4 raya even tho the deadline dah lame bkulat.

ok. wht else should i talk abt eh?
seriously i've no idea

oh, sorry for not updating since bulan puasa. been..very malas. heh. ok i know not many people reading this blog anyway kn. so ala, bukan ade yg kesah ye dok?

but i think i'll keep this blog alive la by updating from time to time. sayang la nk close. besides, i've got juicy stuff to blog before this year ends. heh. sexcited i!

okla, u people take care ok. and stay out of trouble.

lotsa love.


ada_hairuni said...

no worries la bebehh.. u still got me, ur MALAS geng. LR x sentuh lagik dr aritu. aku baru balik dating. yg tu aku x malas plak. hiks.

peminatkakkama said...

pompuan jelita yg kepapaan sudah kembali menulis....zassss!!