Tuesday, November 3, 2009

dimanakah kedai mohd sulor?

just now i received another text msg

+6012263****: salam. satu perjumpaan akan diadakan mlm ini slepas isyak di kdai mohd sulor.

sigh. confused.
does anyone knows where the hell is kedai mohd sulor ni.
this person been bugging me to come to this meeting for i-dunno-whtever-reason
wht should i do? reply or ignore?
if i reply, wht should i say?

tumpang tny, ni meeting kelab keceriaan tingkatan 5usaha ke? kalau tunda lepas isyak esok bole? mlm ni saye kne g meeting kelab dam aji la.


kedai mohd sulor yg kat simpang empat kampung parit leman ke? jauh la situ. wt meeting dekat2 sikit xleh ke? sblh umah saye ni ke. lapang sket. confirm ramai yg nk join nnt. jiran saye ramai ni. sume dok umah yg sebuah sorg.

but this is damn funny ok. i was tgelak kecil when i read tht msg.
instantly i felt silly coz i was alone waiting for the train and practicing to smile so tht i wont appear sombong and stern (nora pls dont laugh. i know this is stupid). then this msg came up.
trus tgelak2 kejap.

there was a couple of ktm's workers trying to fix something nearby at tht moment and i think they noticed i was smiling like a mad cow then laughing sorg2 serious mcm lembu gile.

wajib kaver mantap dengan membuat2 bodo.

then a few min later i received another msg konon2 nk ajar cmne dpt duit secara mudah.
how la to get instant money?
klo dpt instant money tp sikit aku x nk ye
aku nk dpt byk2 trus. br senang nk enjoy.

pelik betul. why la suddenly dpt msg mcm ini. glemer gile nombor tepon aku ni.

ok. nevermind. jst ignore it coz kedit pon dh semput so xleh la nk merapu rply yg bukan2.

then u know what. aku nyaris menjadii mangsa pencopet semasa didalam kmtr just now.
as usual, i'll sms my mom saying tht i'm done for the day and will call her once i reach kepong etc etc. then i msged nora for a few things and put it in the front pocket of my jeans.

to cut the story short, kmtr came and i went in. since it was delayed, tren was cramped with ppl so i just manage to squeezed myself into the door and ade la mangkuk gemuk belah kanan yg merpersendakan my msg tone (hey. it was eminem and jessica simpsons ok!) and ade pakcik gatal to my left.

gatal coz apsl die mengada2 nk bergerak wt aksi acrobatics dlm tren yg padat sehingga tangan terkena aku twice. klo kene tang situ, aku lempang je ko td. *opss, termarah pule*

then once we reached klsentral ramai ppl kuar including budak gemuk yg annoying dan jugak pakcik gatal. thx god i manage to get a seat. then one cute guy sat next to me and his msg tone was even funnier but of kos i didnt laugh or smirk or whtever coz he was cute and tht would be inappropriate but hey ape aku melalut ni and tht was not wht i wnna tell.

ok get back on track.

then of kos la aku bukak beg sndang tu sbb mcm dojob a plak duduk xbukak beg sandang kan then there i saw my front compartment dh tbukak. damn. berderau darah i okkk.

terus check isi kandungan beg. ok luckily, nothing missing coz there was jst some pens, markers, my student id and a pack of tissue, compact powder, lipgloss and haiyooo..also got my thumbdrive and my usb modem. nasib baik jugak i didnt put my hp back in tht compartment.

sigh. klo hilang yg last tu, mati la hamba.

ouh. i didnt tell u ek yg i've switch to another broadband plan yg pakai usb. ala..maxis jugak p pakai usb modem.

okla. penat already eventhough we did nothing pon kt lab td.
wanna play cafe world kt fb

P/S: nampak tak i dh bubuh ads nuffnang kt atas header tu. ape lg, my lovely readers yg tak seberapa ramai, click2 la ek ads tu. korg sume cumel2 kn? hihihi. ilebu allllsss

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