Wednesday, November 4, 2009

aku dahagakan kamu...

wah. skendellicious title.
saje bikin gempak.
jgn la terkejut sgt. saya cuma dahaga kn bahan bacaan je.
dan jugak ice blended :(
ohh..nk sgttt

the other day i told nora (apsl asek2 nora je?) starting this month i'm gonna spend some money on books.
i'm goin to collect books again
i always love reading pon but of course not the academic stuff la kn
mostly the chic lit and just the light stuff
xkuase la saya ini untuk memecahkan kepala utak dengan membaca bahan2 yang berat segala bagai

so this month ie today, i spent almost 2hours ogling the books at mph mdvl smpai mencangkung2 secara tidak sopan and almost duduk je kt lantai looking for book-worth reading
and i found one yg tebal and suits my budget
but i think i can finish this one in less than 1 week

heiresses by lulu taylor
(as if u cant see the above. heh)

i know i have or had the undomestic goddess by sophie kinsella but it went missing
and i almost forgot what else i had before

at first i thot of buying the little black dress series and according to nora, rachel gibson's are highly recommended
but i only found 1 book of hers
the cover, not catchy enough
(ohok2. yes, i judge the book by its cover.heh)

so starting from today. i'm officially a one bizi girl.
i read, i tend my farm(s), i cook at my restaurant and not to mention, i'm a full time student too!
brilliant, i know. thts the wonder internet (ie facebook) can bring u ;p
ok speaking of restaurant and stuff, my shish kebabs are almost done.
so if u can excuse me..


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FirdHaikaL CHinta ilLahi said...

yo larh kan.....
tajuk tak boleh blaa.....