Sunday, November 8, 2009

my weekend

started off an early weekend since friday
i had such a fantabulous time and still rasa x puas lagi

right before solat jumaat we all terus cabut from lab and i went straight to klcc to meet my kesayangan yang lame gile x jumpa
thought of having lunch kt klcc but since it was lunch hour and org adalah ramai macam semut, we went off to jj maluri and still it was packed with ppl
so terus ke desa pandan and makan je kt secret recipe
i had my usual meatball spagetti and kasturi ape tah for drink while while ckin settled for nasik goreng ape tah with watermelon juice
i thought she's the one who was starving but it turn out tht i finished my meal first and die dok kuis2 mknn.
its ok babe i understand u got a soo very lot to tell me
spend almost 3 hours there and i must admit tht ur story nearly made me cry
ok i cant comment much on this

so after tht, went to her aunt's place for zohor and asar jamak kn je as usual heheh
then once again we were off to klcc
and watched movie!!
yeay...its been eons since i last watch movie and especially with u babe
and i also have a confession to make
ehem2..this is my 1st time watching movie kt klcc
ohok. jakunnye saye

so wht did we watch?
pisau cukur

oh my gucci! we had fun watching this tho i must admit tht u can tell tht the whole scene wasnt done on a real cruise
tht part need polishing but other than tht, it was very entertaining
and tht faqir was quite comey
si gigi besi

then after tht thot wanna lepak2 at starbucks but again, it was full house
but nonetheless, i've got my required dose of ice blended

ok, obviously this is not mine coz i just googled the pic since i was one lazy lady to transfer the pic tht i've jakunly snapped using my cikai handphone
so anyway, tht was it and then ckin's aunt ajak dinner kt luar
i refused at first coz i'm one shy2 cat (ehem2) and i've already bloating with soft drink, meatball and spagetti, popcorns and coffee but kene pakse so i followed la dengan muka tak tahu malu

had tomyam seafood, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar, ikan siakap masak tak tahu and lala and air tembikai
i can feel my food on my throat by the time we finished eating
serious buruk makan jadi nya

then as my official driver for the wiken.
ckin sent me home.
thts all for friday. saturday stuff will be in next entry ye



ada_hairuni said...

Hey Kama. I realized one thing mase tgk cite neh.. Aku tgk si Faqir tu kan, macam Seman lorr. Siyes dr awal citer smpai la abis.. I kept on terbayangkan Seman. Hahahaha..

Oh my Dior!

kama said...

oh my gucci!
it never cross my mind
and i dont quite sure which part yg link him to seman
probably tang gigi

best eh?
next up = new moon