Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i like this kind of weather

hola lovely people.
i feel so happy today despite the gloomy weather.
how abt everyone else?

i like it when it rains like this. the tiny droplets of water, the greyish clouds without thunders or lighting of course. hujan renyai2 the whole day.
i like cold weather but i prefer hot guys. (eh apasal kuar topik?)

one drawback from this cold weather is tht, we (or should i say 'me'?) tend to get hungry almost all the time.
and this is when even keropok lekor liat dan keras appear to look like the most yummilicious food on earth.
what more pisang goreng panas with teh o. nyamss.

so anyway, wht should i talk abt?
ouh, regarding our project, there seems to be some progresses goin on and i am more than happy tho it means tht there'll be a whole lot of works to be done really and also means tht no more going back early. but thts fine by me. as long as we can finish fast.
thx for the suddenly-appeared trypsin. and babai pre-historic germany's trypsin. i think it was way past the expiry date.

tomorrow must come early to the lab. Dr wants us to finish up the inhibitory assay by this weeks which means tht we need to test all the 80+ samples including control for each samples and not to forget, replicate. and if i do my maths correctly, we were required to prepare atleast 240+ testing samples. pheww..

and not to forget, update the spreadsheet so tht we wont tercangak2 when Dr ask abt the activity etc etc.

who says this topic is easy? well i did. haha. padan muke aku.

okla. i'm so tired and sleepy.
goodnight tido ketat2 (sleep tight).


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