Monday, November 16, 2009

bloody monday

hola lovely people.
hope everyone's doin just great.

as for mine, quite a disasterous i must say.
i'm not sure how it started but i'm beginning to think tht my stomach were not so sturdy as it used to. (wth is sturdy anyway? couldnt be bother to check the meaning of it but it sounds comel to me. haha. bole ke like tht?)

so anyway, last night i couldnt sleep well
dozed off at around 11.30-12 am and started to woke up every one hour from 1.30 just to go to the loo. i reckon it must be the lauk kenduri tht i ate during the day causing my stomach all this mess. till subuh, i was limp lying on the bed till emak menerjah masuk telling me she's also having the same problem. siri diarrhea anak beranak i guess.

actually, been having this problem for 3 consecutive weeks and i noticed tht i'll be having trouble with my digestion or ehem, bowel activity if i ate at kenduri kendara. but ayah seemed ok je.

or could the changing in my eating pattern causing all this fuss? so, should i stop eating oat or wht?
probably i'm not suitable drinking lotsa milk everyday
or did i actually suffer from lactose intolerance?
gosh i'm starting to get overboard with this.
anyway, wht will happen to those lactose intolerance ppl eh?
i remember learning abt it ages ago but at tht time, i couldnt be bother to really understand the cause or anything abt it

so anyway, i know we'll have lotsa work in the lab today and adalah mcm tak baik if i didnt go to lab but the perut adalah membuat bunyi mcm guruh and besides i wnt more sleep
so i went to lab a bit late than normal and managed to get extra 2hrs sleep

today it rains since morning and it get very chilly outside
i like this kind of weather coz it reminds me of winter in melb except tht it wasnt tht cold out here

okla. i wnna sleep early tonight.
u people be good ok.

have a good night.

p/s : dont forget to click my nuff. apparently ada n fifi is getting kaye-er while i'm still stuck with 25 cents. sobs.

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abe long said...

erm.. bahse omputeh lg...bace tp xpaham ape..hehehe