Sunday, November 15, 2009

i've stop stalking, maybe you should too

it never cross my mind tht i'll be one of the possible candidate for stalker out there. i've got nothing juicy tht might interest u stalker out there so why bother stalking me? right?

but i've been stalked and still being stalked.

should i feel happy about it? or should i go beserk? or just keep being indifferent toward them (yes, it is a plural) like i do now?

as long as u keep ur distance, never cross me in real life, i guess you are safe.
so just keep yourself low and minute to my eyes.'s your weekend lovely people out there? (i'm referring to those who dont plagiarized other's work, who mend their own business and not voluntarily keeping record of who's dating who and who've just broke up or who've just gotten themselves stucked in some cat fight over some guy)
hoh. sounds like gossip girls.

anyway, i hope u lovely people had a good one tho i'm not so sure abt mine.
weekend was just as boring as morning assembly during high school.
did nothing much and the connection to internet been driving me mad.

ok lets not go into tht. luckily tonite it didnt suck tht bad.

i didnt have anything in particular to share. except tht my tummy is bloating and i think all the worms inside are having a party and tht might explain why i always feel hungry.

think i should sleep early today. we might be having a long day tomorrow.
good night, sleep tight.


1 comment:

nurmahani said...

i hv been stalked too.
from ppl that i know plak tu
rasa nk lempang je mereka
when i stalked back, tau lak marah
mcm bagos hihi