Friday, November 13, 2009


1) i am fat. tht is the most depressing thing happening in my life now. i hate looking at my reflection through the mirror and i even hate the fact tht i have to watch wht i'm eating and i dont understand why some people get to eat like hantu raya but still looking slim and gorgeous. damn do they actually eating for the hantu raya or wht? been feeding myself with oats, weetameal biscuits, wholemeal breads, dates, fruits and those tasteless food while in the same time fighting the urge to eat every 30 mins coz i can get very hungry almost all the time. damn. damn. damn.

2) those tasteless foods can actually cost u a lot of money. true enough they didnt cost a bomb but i can actually feed myself my fav doublecheese burger tht taste so much better than the weetameal biscuits and they even in the same price. the differences are tht the burger will finish at once and the calories are so fcuking a lot. damn why do calories even existed in the first place?!

3) i know dieting alone wont be sufficient in my effort to loose some weight. but i am so freaking lazy to move my ass and do some exercises. plus it is very tiring and why cant the fat just burn off while i sit in front of the tv watching my fav show?

4) our project is another annoying thing in my life now. i dont feel motivated to go to the lab anymore. a lot of thing happened and our project is kinda halted at the moment until we get our supply of trypsin. Dr managed to source out some pre-historic trypsin but i was already not in the mood to proceed with inhibitory assay. shall wait till next week.

5) looking at our current situation and progress. graduating next august may seem out of reach. finishing project and thesis by April, yes. but not graduating. ie: attending the convocation, since apparently we need at least 2-3 month for external examiner to mark our thesis and tht will bloody take up a lot of time. i just hope we cant finish everything by february and i couldnt care less with convocation. anyhow, i've attended one before. so no big deal.
(damn. but it is a big deal to me. i wanna wear the square topi coz i didnt wear it before! but the hot weather must cause me to sweat a bucket. hm. tht's one thing to consider tho)

6) i'm broke. i want money. a lot of money.

7) i wanna watch movie and i feel depress coz i didnt know who i should ask to teman me. should i watch alone? i know geng sedut wont entertain me in this matter. ckin is far. busuk got other commitment, 1 day with handbag and 1 day with family i suppose. besides, she must be tired working and weekend is the only time she got to rest. ija, busy with handbag again. hey, is tht all my fren tht i've got? cepat keluar mengaku dan jom pergi bersuka ria. ting! oh, i remember the jengkelmates. saviour!

i so wanna watch this

okla. penat already. as if anyone care. like i freaking care if u dont care wht i care. and if u dont care dont act as if u care. and as far as i'm concern i dont need u to care of wht i care and when i didnt care abt wht u care, dont come and act as if i've got nothing to care.

hahahahah. ape aku cakap ni aku pon tak paham.
eh cop, bile new moon keluar ah?


Khairiyah said...

20 Nov tak silap aku.
cube time dok tgk tv tu ko buat sit up or angkat dumbell or jogging setempat..nasihat exercise pemalas dr aku yg malas jg.huahuahuahua.

kama said...

dh tau dh
cte tu kuar on the 26th


kawie2020 said...

Pls do not let ur physical body influence ur mood. Fat make ur look younger than ur age.. believe me..

be strong n positive yaa!!!

anyway nice n3 and i enjoyed reading urs..

ada_hairuni said...

ape la... tak fat langsung... :p

ada_hairuni said...

pssttt... suke x dah ade follower?? ahaks..

kama said...

@ kawie: thx for the support :)

@ ada: aku tharuuuuu..hihi

Cik Kmar said...

my beloved dear, u x gemuk ok. jgn pkir bukan2. pls la. aku tembam skrg rilek je. hehehehe.