Thursday, November 12, 2009

it's happening every two days and i'm sick of it


wah sound so cheeriooos (wth is this? dun care) but actually i'm not in a really good mood.
probably bcoz i woke up at the wrong side of the bed tht i forgot to smile this morning and i totally felt indifferent despite tht i was sitting next to a really cute guy all the way from sg buloh to mdvl.
i just dont care even if david beckham sat next to me today. (haha. as if!)

so anyway, few days back. i really felt like buying a new book. yes i've finished reading the heiresses last week and truth is, it took me only 2 days to finish actually. i was so absorbed into it and i totally like the story. thts what makes me want a new reading materials and i already have book tht i aim. but sadly, one book per month. sigh.

whatever. so yesterday, i accompanied nora to some groceries shopping at carefour and jusco. boy it really reminds me of the times when we did all our groceries. buying potato, onions and stuff. going from one shop to another along sydney rd just to compare prices. and normally baity and deva or kmar will have to carry the 5kg potato or onion while i get to carry the green bags which is, i dont know what word i usually use to describe it to baity. hahah.

so anyway, after paying for our stuff, we made our way for a sushi treat. but was stopped on the way out by a salesperson yg jual kitchenware i suppose. at first we refused coz we are in a hurry (the sushi are waiting for us oookies!). but then the person insisted saying tht it will only be a minute (typical excuse) so anyway, we agreed and then he goes on and on and on telling us abt the microwave, air purifier bla bla bla and to make the story short, he gave us some free gift which consist of a car shield and 2 shopping vouchers.

each of us were given 2 vouchers and we opened the vouchers there and then to see the amount we'll get. nora opened hers and she get rm200 each. while i get 1 rm200 and 1 rm888 voucher. the salepersons (2 persons were entertaining us) kept us waiting a while longer when they saw the voucher coz they thot i was one lucky lady of the day since they were told tht the max amount of voucher will only be rm300 but i got rm888. which is very ong to chinese belief. so one of them made a call to their HQ and was confirm tht the voucher is valid.

u dont know wht happen during this time. i've been in this situation before and most of them were scams. dont believe it coz they're all doing this for marketing purpose. usually if people starts saying u r lucky won the most fabulous prize wtf it was all bullshit. so anyway, i never believe in the first place. i was there coz i thot nora wants to listen to them and i didnt wnt nora to think tht jahat nye kama ni dgr kejap pon xnk. tht sort of thing la.

besides, there's this one time me n my mom went out and were approached by a man and given free gift voucher and suddenly start saying tht we've won ourself a microwave if i'm not mistaken and we were expected to collect it in their office in God knows where and when my brother get to knew this, he went beserk and emak telah dibebel kerana terlalu mpercayai since tht time it was famous org kena rompak and tipu etc by this sheme. so this is a real nightmare to me i must say coz if oboy get to know this tht i melayan org jual2 dpt voucher etc, i'll be in deep shit. tht one thing make me cuak like hell yesterday.

then when the salesperson called his HQ to confirm the voucher tht i've received, once again i was cuak like hell coz i talk to the girl on the phone and she ask my name and i couldnt remember the rest but one question really freaks me out. she was asking "akak cuba tgk belakang..(at this sentence i was really made believe thit i was in some rancangan yang mengenakan org like punk'd or bang bang bom wtf i was so freaked out at tht time)..voucher and tgk vip no"...sigh. luckily i'm not in a prank program on tv.

i was so cuak and nora even said tht it was terserlah on my face tht it was reddened. i almost cry u see!! i've already composed every excuse i can find to tell my mom why the hell i was in carrefour and on tv when i said i was out to buy book and on the way home.

after i can guarantee tht we're not on some prank program, we quicky said nevermind and cabut from them. seriously tht was very menakutkan for me and after tht we were laughing mad at wht had happened.

then later went to buy sushi and round2 kejap before we made our way home.
so morale of the story, keep away from org yg jual2 coz u'll freak urself out like i did. (or probably nobody did freak out except me. hahaha)

okla. nk g mkn, babai!

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Khairiyah said...

aku pun selalu kene kama.esp kat ktm midval tu smpi aku serik kau taw dak.depa mcm dh aim taw aku.siap sekali tu kepong aku 3-4 org.bungok betol.sampai kene jerit dgn aku sekali.huahuahuahua