Wednesday, December 16, 2009

flaunt it while u can

arrived late at the lab today
didnt do anything apart from browsing the net at the lbry then we were off to midval to watch JUMP

heh. lega rasa hati ini apabila dapat berjalan

overall, it was an OK movie
a bit funny kinda entertaining but i prefer the other movies by stephen chow ie kungfu hustle and shaolin soccer

so next up, sherlock holmes
baity, shall i wait for u or wht?

i've watched the preview for tht movie and i'm sooo looking forward for it
i reckon it must be very the babomm!

oh, tht perempuan jahat telah menyakitkn hati ada
didnt she knew tht we all come in a package
satu org sakit hati, sume pon akan sakit hati (or mybe aku je yg terlebey sakit hati)
rasa mcm nk je aku takel kaki die mse die tgh jalan

oh i nearly forgot, Dr arrived at the lab when we are already in mdvl
cuakness sbb pergi berjalan2 tapi keje mcm tkontang kanting
damn la gel suke wt masalah and i seriously think tht we all need a new SDS-Page gel casting set
ke gel x jd sbb kami yang tak reti?

anyway, berjaya merembat baju kt romp today
and havent bought this month's books yet
i'm currently tempted to get myself the whole books by cecilia ahern
last time there was a booksale at mph and i was so damn broke and i couldnt bring myself to even think abt them
but now, i couldnt care less
i WANT them all!!

but itula, i also have other things in mind
tht include new mascara, eyeshadow, and all sort of 'tepungs' available since sudah terpengaruh dengan seseorang
tapi masalahnye, retikah aku nk memakai mereka?

okla. sgt penat and perlu meng-harvest tanaman
see ya



ceklatcelupcelup said...

kita ajak megat dgn thangy g tgk movie le nnt
citer lain pon xkesah le
kalo bleh citer cinta2
biar megat bising dlm panggung pastu kena halau keluar=p
baru dramatic beb

kama said...

mesti! kelmarin org br sms megat kaco die time keje sbb bosan gile
die ajak g cameronnnnn
cepat baity cr tarikh yg sesuai n inform die so tht die leh mntk cuti cecepat