Friday, December 25, 2009

ho ho ho!

good morning people.
and merry christmas to all christians out there.

woke up early coz i hit the bed at around 10 lst nite
seriously i felt damn tired yestarday tho we didnt do anything extravaganva at the lab
and in fact, we left the lab at 3.40 pm right after scanning the gels.
such an easy peasy work actually.

but afterward, we had a lepakking session kt midval playing tarot card.

sangat la kelakar i tell u
penuh dengan suspense siap bole cuak2 seram sujuk sume cukup
i hope ada had fun too, coz i know we all had fun

hm, what else yeh?
oh right, i've been meaning to write abt baity. but damn internet problem pulak the other day

baity has had her convocation on the 21st Dec and her flight was last nite
so most probably she had already landed in klia by now and stranded there for another 3 hours before transit to penang

mek baity!!!!
welcome homeeeeeeeee

i'm sooooooo freaking excited!

okla, i've got a long day today.
harap2 tidak menjadi malas ditghari

till then, have great day and enjoy ur holiday!

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ceklat said...

skang masih di atas katil kat 12/54 the avenue=p