Thursday, February 18, 2010

heading toward the end

hm, i hope it's ending soon. whts gonna ends? labwork yang menyesakkan jiwa raga of course.
seriously i cant bear this anymore. penat kot!

this morning fifi fetched me at home at 7 am. 7 freaking a.m. i cant believe i have to wake up so early and drag myself to the lab. sigh. this is no life i tell u.

but luckily the results were ok. and due to today's hard work, we rewarded ourselves a makan2 session at midvalley. and we got ourselves a dose of bigapple.

ey how come the donuts look so pathetic nowadays? mcm terkepit and dont know how to describe but pathetic la. mcm x cukup bulan.

but apa2 pon, licin jugak 3ketul. hihi. komen byk2, mkn pn kena la byk2.

then after tht mkn pulak kt foodcourt atas. of kos mesti mkn yong taufoo. sedapness. after this must go on a diet if not lemak akan semakin mbuak2.

okla, gotta go. nak blk umah. yes, its already 6.30 pm and we are still in the lab. ai ya yai ya yaii..
i just wanna go home. took a bath. then sleep. last nite i cant sleep for whtever reason and today must tdo at 10. dont care!

so people, take care and have a nice day!

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