Wednesday, March 10, 2010

arghhh..stress la begini

i've just started writing my thesis
haha. nothing extravagance tho. the truth is, i've just writing the titles of each chapter
and now i'm attempting to write the acknowledgement.
but i cant express wht i want to write. i cant find the suitable words.

serabut dibuatnya!

give me some ideas pls.
or else, akan terbantut la usaha utk mencari mood menulis thesis.

hm, another thing, lately i'm not feeling very well.
went for a checkup yesterday
i dont think it was a thorough checkup but the Dr should know better rite?
so since she said there wasnt anything serious, i shouldnt worry myself too much
but it still couldnt put my mind at ease

i woke up every morning with slight discomfort in my chest. and it will reappears every now and then.
i dont know what should i do but the Dr said it was probably due to my emotional state
probably i was stress. ( i am stress right now)
but it was normal for me to be in stress. this is nothing new.

sigh. takut la pulak.
i hope i can talk to malar la regarding this matter.

okla. sleepy already and i've given up writing for tonight.
shall continue tomorrow.

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okla. u people take care ok

love ya!

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