Tuesday, March 2, 2010

labwork finish edy?

kitorg dh siap labwork
but still unofficial coz x inform Dr
p ape2 pon ktorg sbnrnye dh xsaba nk habis
nk melangkah ke fasa kehidupan yg seterusnya

been bz lately. ayah was discharged from hosp ptg td.
and now i'm taking a break from everyday routine.
no more hosp visits so i guess, i'm allowed to wake up late after this. no?

heh. sbnrnye dh 2 hari bgn lmbt.
oh seronoknye rase. terimbau kenangan time menganggur dulu.

starting tomorrow, schedule dh penuh blk.
emak has booked most of my time.
byk mende nk kne settle so i guess i still couldnt focus on my thesis writing yet
(heh. alasan harus mantap!)

okla. nothing exciting to talk abt pon.
just feel like writing something coz i know someone been stalking me. ahem!
but lately pen-stalker dh dpt org br utk di-stalk. ;p
so, mne la tahu dgn menulis kisah merapu ini aku akan mdapat pen-stalker baru?
p xyah la ye. dont stalk me. go stalk obama or ur ketua kampung. ok?

okla. sleepy already.
take care ppl.


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