Monday, March 29, 2010

post-wondering state

hi people. wah its been a long time since my last update.
been superbly busy i dont even know how to describe it
and it doesnt mean tht i'm less busy now
just tht i feel like writing some thing else beside thesis.

ok. thesis is still on-going.
there is progress.
so far so good, but the not good thing is the fact tht i need to submit my draft this freaking week.
(well actually should have submitted it today but what to do. still havent finish yet :()

hm, i did post something last nite but i reckon no one reads it.
it just some rubbish i wrote out off thinking.
removed it when i regained my consciousness which is less than 2 hours after posting it here

something came up and tht makes me wanna write here
but after a lot of thinking, i dont wanna make a fuss out of it.
let bygone be bygone. after all, the damage has been done.
no way to mend it.

and i dont know wht the relationship is, but i think i might need a new or perhaps more new handbag.
been oogling some really gorgeous handbags and i really2 want them

oh april is approaching. and i smell cake
oh, was it a birthday cake people?
wahahaha..vain gile

i want handbags plss.
gorgeous, gorgeous bagss..

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